Devin Smith


I know what it's like to feel uncomfortable in my skin and clothes, shying away from photographs, missing out on the fun, and wasting time being self-conscious.  I know the struggles in wanting to get better, but you do NOT have to accept that way of life anymore..




weight loss transformation program

I'm here to show you; that it IS POSSIBLE for YOU to transform your BODY, MINDSET, and LIFESTYLE to that next level you know you want, that your people will respect, and you will DESERVE as it is EARNED!  

My mission is simple: that you succeed!  I love sharing what took (ME) years of sweat- to learn, fine-tune, and finally structure to help others get remarkably fast results.  My approach is to expedite learning curves, eliminate misinformation, and put emphasis on a realistic and rewarding PROCESS that will bring about safe and effective change now AND for the long haul!  


I am dedicated to finding ways to tap into true potential by developing unconditional habits that keep us aligned to crush goals, and see how far we can really go when we put our heart into it!

I know what it's like to feel burnt-out, lost, and full of REGRET... but TODAY can be the day you say NO MORE!  You can learn how to take control, for real- once and for all... you just have to be honest! 


If you are reading this, it's a for-sure sign that


All we have to do is take that forward step into positive ACTION.

Then there will be no stopping you! 

I'll have your back to make sure that each forward step is followed by another all the way to the top!


First, we get the mindset dialed in, finding clarity...

Then we get the nutrition straight and get your body moving good,

All the while, focusing on proper tactics and techniques.

 It's time to cut out the noise... NO distractions!  The baseline program is all about building a foundation that will make you UNSHAKEABLE!

First, CONTACT ME to get your free phone or video consultation! 

Next, we will get to the route of your concerns, and establish the goals.

Then, we'll construct your own custom program for success.

And, you'll have your own personal coach- in your corner, at all times!

Some of what you'll get:

  • CONSTANT CONTACT, your coach will only ever be a message away for any fitness, nutrition help, or mindset questions!

  •  CUSTOMIZED WORKOUT PLAN, updated daily and messaged to you regardless of self-guided, in-person, or virtual sessions.

  • VIDEO ACCESS to demonstrations for all of your workouts

  • PROGRESS TRACKING, we'll track all your metrics and photos to admire and continue the transformation!

  • See the PROGRAM DETAILS page for a more detailed breakdown


When you sign up for in-person training, we'll BRING THE GYM TO YOU! 

That's right!  We have safe and sanitized equipment to perform all the workouts during your trained sessions, (if you don't have your own equipment) and this will be included in your selected package deal! 


Family and friends want the best for you... they might even have some advice...

but having a qualified, PERSONAL COACH whose sole dedication is YOUR SUCCESS... is next level.

Invest in your future.

 Enjoy your body and have the upper hand in life because you'll have the keys to your potential...  these are the ultimate values in life!

I can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing you WIN!!


  I am going to give you MY ALL so that YOU can give it YOUR ALL!  It's time to take control and live the life you want and have fun while your at it! 

Take it from someone who has done it and continues to do so! 

Safely, Comfortably and FOREVER! 

It truly goes beyond simply "fitness" or "working out"... the lifestyle of being healthy- mentally and physically- is undoubtedly more enjoyable than the alternative.  So basically, I was obese... got fit; became obese AGAIN to prove that you can lose it again and keep it off... within a few months of proper programming with no surgeries, drugs, or fad diets.  Hard work and comprehension baby!  I got you, WE GOT THIS!           -DEVIN SMITH